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Postscript: Translations by mink.

message from yuuko
Things that tempt me are things to do with appearance.
For example: clothes, shoes, mirrors, nails.
Also, bed covers and toilet paper covers have to do with appearance too.
After all, outer appearances call out to me! (giggles)
How embarrassing...

Putting that aside, for my fifth single's coupling song, I challenged songwriting for the first time.
I couldn't put my thoughts in order at all, so I tried to put three minutes into it at night
or change my mood by taking a bath
but the thing that tempted me then was my drowsiness.
"I'll just wake up early and write it then!"
But I had no intention of waking up and lost out to temptation.

The next day, I planned on working on it during my free time
but I fell asleep during then too.
But Tsunku-san helped me out with the lyrics, and it turned out great.
I hope at least one of my feelings is conveyed to you when you listen to it.

Yuuko Nakazawa will challenge new things in the 21st century
while going at her own pace, taking each step at a time.
My best regards to everyone from now on as well.

This was Yuuko Nakazawa.



message from natsumi
I will become 20 this summer.
When I was in elementary school, I looked forward to being 20...
And I remember thinking, "I want to become an adult soon!"

Even if I don't say anything, it will happen to me eventually,
but to be honest, I don't want to turn 20!
That is probably because there is the image that "20 = adult."

But recently -- very recently -- I've been thinking
that if I could be a "childish adult" or an "adult child,"
it could really be a wonderful thing.

... 20, huh?
I still have a long ways to go.
I'd like to try to become a person who can take on anything.
And I progress steadily at my own pace.
Stay true to myself and go about naturally... that would be nice.
That's a great word.

I'm really looking forward to this summer now.
August 10th.
Please let me spend that day laughing.

Shooting stars.  Fireworks.  A pretty place.
Everyone's smiles.
There are still many things I want to see and do.

Everyone, please treasure who you are now
and let's go about laughing a lot!

Natsumi Abe.



message from kaori
I'm Kaori.
The one and only Kaori in the world.
I'm Kaori, who likes long hair.
I'm Kaori, who doesn't have courage to cut her hair short.
After all, your hair is like an ally who has been with you for a long time.
To part with it would be too sad, so I couldn't do it.

So to that hair, I'll make it happy everyday.
I make it pretty with a nice smelling shampoo.
And when I do, my hair is very happy.
Receiving all that happiness, my hair becomes a silky, beautiful woman.
I love that that kind of honest hair, so I'll continue to treasure it.
Let's always stay together.

Long hair -- Kaori's treasure.

To find your own happiness, you must obtain it on your own.
To find your own dreams, you must obtain it on your own, too.
The dream I want to fulfill the most -- I want to get it with my own hands.
It'd be nice if everyone's dreams came true.
That's one of my dreams too, after all.

Let's all advance together.
And let's all meet up at the goal of our dreams.

Kaori Iida.



message from kei
To me, Kei Yasuda, the title of my first solo song is
"LOVE -Keisan Chigai-."

Miscalculations happen often.
For example, you decide, "Karage boxed lunch!"
but it ends up being sold out.
Everyone makes miscalculations.
And if life went by all your calculations, it wouldn't be fun at all!
Don't you think so?

A good "miscalculation" since I entered Morning Musume:
That is, me becoming a Morning Musume member.
Because I didn't think for one second that I would be chosen!
But this miscalculation has greatly changed my life.
So this is a "miscalculation," in a good way.

Oh, and one more.
My name.
When I was younger, I used to hate the name "Kei."
Because you could mistake it as a boy's name
and because it's rare, you could misread it.
"Kei" was the name of my dad's favorite comic book character,
and it seems that he wanted me to be just as wonderful as that character.

But there is also another name I could have gotten.
"Erina Yasuda."
It doesn't fit me at all, right?
I'm glad my dad didn't miscalculate!

Right now, I love my name.
I gotta be a cool girl so I can live up to my comic book namesake!
I'd like to leave an imprint in the 21st century with the name "Kei Yasuda,"
so I would like to continue singing great songs.
And I want to walk towards the 21st century holding hands with our fans.
My best regards from now on as well!

Kei Yasuda.



message from mari
Yaguchi has finally turned 18! Yay!
I'm finally an adult!
It's about time that I'm in the older sister team for Morning Musume,
but I'm so small and talk a lot
so there seems to be the misconception that I'm very childish.
But actually, I'm really thinking about a lot of things
and putting a lot of effort to change myself all the time.

I often hear, "You never get nervous, do you, Yaguchi?"
But right before something, I can't stop trembling.
I'm a kind of person who hides their nervousness.

Now, that kind of 18-year old Yaguchi's mission for the 21st century is
to become a sexy girl unequal to any!
When I say "sexy," I don't mean a hot, "nice body!" type
... Well, that's nice too, but...
Ah, no, I mean that I simply want to become a more mature, wonderful, stronger woman.

In terms of outward appearance, I'm thinking about growing out my hair
and appear a bit older.
Next year, I'll become an adult with a deeper sense of responsibility.
This is it! This is what Yaguchi is aiming for.

Well, everyone.
I believe you'll be able to meet a different Yaguchi in the 21st century
so please look forward to it!
This was Mari Yaguchi!
This is farewell! Doro~n!

I guess because I say things like that I seem childish...



message from maki
This is Maki Gotou!
I've always loved being active, so I got great marks in gym class at school.
Horizontal bars, vaulting horse, baseball, and soccer -- I did those frequently at school.
Even in the school clubs, my black shoes would turn brown
from all the ball playing I was doing, so I did quite a bit of kicking.

That kind of Gotou is in Morning Musume right now.
It's a girls group, so there's not really a chance to play sports.

But right now, Gotou is enjoying other kinds of sports.
What are they?  To put it simply: concerts!
In other words, dancing.
Memorizing the dances are much, much harder than tests,
but as you're dancing, you really get into it and feel the rhythm,
and because it's aggressive, you use your hands to the rhythm.

When you play soccer or baseball,
people clap and yell, "Ahh, good job!"
when you make a goal or a home run,
but with dancing, as you get better, 
you have to continue to challenge new dances, so it's limitless,
but right now, I'm in the middle of polishing it, I guess?

So one day, I'd like to become really good at it
and impress everyone of Japan...

But since there's 10 of us,
from time to time, I'd like us to kick some balls
and pass to each other!  Or something like that.

So everyone, I leave that kind of 21st century up to you!



message from rika
I'm told by people around me very often
that I'm a typical "female type" character!
When I think about why they say that,
it's probably because my pinky goes up when I grab things,
or I put an "o" at the beginning of the words I say.
For example, oyoufuku [clothes] or okoucha [tea].
When I think about it, I really do talk like that.

And when you talk about female type characters,
it comes down to my name.
The origin of "Rika" comes from the Rika-chan doll.
It seems that there's this wish
for everyone to be spoiled by everyone and raise me with love.
I don't know if that wish is being fulfilled or not,
but I want to do my best from now on so that comes true!

My first goal of the 21st century is
"To be positive towards everything."
But at times, I still become negative.

This is the kind of person that I am,
but I plan on growing up a little bit by bit,
so everyone, please cheer me on!

This was Rika Ishikawa.



message from hitomi
How did I, Hitomi Yoshizawa, get my name?
Actually, my name was originally supposed to be "Sayaka,"
but when I was born, my eyes were very big,
so my dad said, "There's no other name but Hitomi [eyes]!"
So that's how I became Hitomi.
But if I had become Sayaka, I might have not passed the audition
and not be a member of Morning Musume.

I have had many transformations since I joined Morning Musume one year ago,
but the one thing that I think has really changed is, to put it simply,
the feeling of gratitude I feel towards my parents --
"Dad, Mom, thaaaaanks!"
Up until now, the relationship I had with my parents was hard,
with us always fighting or yelling all the time or them getting mad at me,
but now, when I'm going through a hard time or I'm lonely,
I've come to realize that my parents are the ones who support me the best.

And there's also one thing I've come to understand is
that although I appear to be very strong,
I'm actually quite the crybaby, and even though I appear this way,
there are times I feel down, you know.

Well, this is who I am,
and my goal for the 21st century is
firstly, I'm becoming a high schooler this year,
so I will do my best upholding my schoolwork and idol work.
And I'd like to experience many things
and become a very cool woman
not just on the outside, but also feel it on the inside.
My best regards for this kind of Yossi! 



message from ai
My name is Ai Kago.
How did I get the name "Ai"?
It is because it was hoped that I would be loved by all, and receive lots of affection.
I love this name "Ai" that my dad and mom made for me.

And for Kago, ai ["love"] makes me think of the love from my fans,
the love from my family,
and my love for singing songs.

And for Kago, "love" means holding hands forever with the one you love
and always being in love with one another forever.
This is Kago's idea of love.
I'd like to have this kind of love when I become an adult!

And Kago's mission for the 21st century is
to become an artist loved by all.
And so that I can catch up to the senior members,
I will become an Ai Kago
who will be so much better at singing and dancing
that it will really shock everyone.

Everyone, please expect the best!
My best regards.



message from nozomi
Nono is non-stop!
This "Nono" that I, Nozomi Tsuji, delivers to you is non-stop!

Why did I get the name "Nozomi"?
It's because my parents wanted me to have hope and become a beautiful person.
"Beautiful" -- don't make me all embarrassed!

And as for how I got my nickname of "Nono,"
I couldn't say the "zo," so I'd call myself "Nono,"
and eventually everyone around me started calling me "Nono" too.

In a little bit, that kind of Tsuji will be the second year of middle school!
I don't plan on being a bit more of an adult at all!
That's because if I become an adult, this kind of Nono will disappear!

In the 21st century, that kind of Nozomi Tsuji will go nonstop
singing energetically
dancing energetically
doing everything energetically
Always energetically, let's go!
Everyone, let's dash with that kind of nonstop Nono!



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